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Our Story

Dunne Za Backcountry adventures was started in 2014 to share the beauty and culture of our people with the world and create meaningful jobs for our youth. 

Hunting, guiding and trapping has been a way of life of the Dunne Za people since the beginning of time. For generations the Metecheah and Field families have been involved in working for others in the guiding industry. In order to be able to ground our community in our land, and show others the beauty and history that surrounds us in our territory, both William and Jeff have worked hard to create a business that the whole community can be proud of. 

To develop his skills to take care of clients, Jeff has taken courses at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George to have a better understanding of how to become a professional in the industry and offer safe memorable experiences.  William has a long history of building lasting relationships. He looks forward to fostering those relationships and building new ones with tourists, industry leaders and educational instructors every year as they tour the land and enjoy adventures through Dunne Za backcountry.

We hope that you will join us so we can share our culture and the beauty of our land with you in a memorable experience.

The Dunne Za Backcountry Vision

The Dunne Za Backcountry Adventures company was established in 2014, as a concept by William and Jeff with a vision to create jobs for the youth of the nation. As well as, teach and share the Dunne Za culture to community members and the world through offering day trips, hikes horseback riding, skidoo trips and backcountry adventure.

 Our Mission

The Mission of the Dunne Za Backcountry Adventure Company is to provide its guests with an unforgettable adventure where they can learn about the history and heritage of the Dunne Za people and experience the culture and hospitality of the Dunne Za nation.

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Our Team


Jeff Metecheah

Jeff has a long history of guiding and trapping. He has taken courses on outfitting through the College of New Caledonia and is proud to be a founding partner of Dunne Za Backcountry adventures.


William Field

William Field is one of the founders of Dunne Za Backcountry adventures and has lived his life on the land. William  loves to build relationships with clients when he is not looking after his family or his community! 

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Some of our support team

Every great First Nations Company has a support network that has strong roots in the community.  Dunne Za Backcountry Adventures is proud to be able to hire community members to look after our camps, clients, gear and horses.


"Having not been on a horse for 35 years I was worried that I would be unfit for this ride. Not only were the horses gentle, they were so well trained! The tour was excellent with some great educational background about the Dunne Za people and the history of the area. Jeff and William were the most friendliest guides ever and made the tour incredibly memorable! I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the First Nations people and their land. "

-Dave F Prince George.

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